Kanye West: Why so much Hate for one Man

What does the world have against a man who worked hard to be where he is? Why does the world hate a man who has several Grammys to his name? In short why does almost everyone hate Kanye West?  He was born In Atlanta, went to school, his parents separated, he studied art and went ahead to work with big names in the industry so what exactly is he doing wrong?

Kanye Omari West was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on June 8, 1977. He left college to pursue a musical career, producing tracks for Jay-Z while polishing his demo. He released The College Dropout in 2004. It sold 2.6 million copies and won Best Rap Album. His follow-up releases have been equally successful and West has become a celebrity famous for his outrageous and entertaining statements.

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If you want to know just how much hate is felt for this man then you should how many people think he is a jack ass. The first one on the list is none other than the President of the United States of America. His crazy outbursts during music events do not help his case either. Kanye also thinks he is Jesus, he calls himself yeezus.How offending is that?

With President Obama calling him a “jackass” it’s official: the entire country considers Kanye West a tool — or worse. Grabbing the mike from sweet, little Taylor Swift — really? Had West stole the spotlight from, say, Toby Keith or Trace Adkins, now that would taken balls. And the apology on Leno: Sorry, not buying it. The tears for mama might have been sincere, but the mea culpa smacked of disaster control.

This time Kanye dresses up like Jesus. Tortured artist depicted on 2006 cover of Rolling Stone as the ultimate martyr, wearing crown of thorns, because, y’know, he sure had it rough growing up with a mom who was a professor, who sent her son to Chicago’s American Academy of Art, from which he dropped out of to become a super rich rapper/producer.

West wins for best rap album, proceeds to behave like a brat. From ContactMusic.com:

He said, “It feels good to be home. A lot of people said hip-hop is dead, but that was just Nas. And Common, you can’t drop an album the same year as me.” As his voice was drowned out, he pleaded, “Come on – you gonna play music on me?” He added of his mother’s death, “I appreciate all the support and all the prayers.” And pleaded again, “It would be good taste to stop the music there,” before continuing, “I appreciate everything and I know you are really proud of me right now and I know you wouldn’t want me to stop and you’d want me to be the number one artist in the world. And Mamma, all I’m gonna do is keep making you proud. We won this.”

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Kanye has set a really high bar for himself. He has ambitions and dreams to win a hundred Grammys.  The man has a vision and wants supporters onboard. Unfortunately is you decline to do so, he will insult an entire continent. He does it so easily thanks to Twitter.

100 Grammys

It’s no secret that Kanye sets a high bar for himself — lest we forget his presidential bid for 2020 is still looming in the air. On Monday (Feb. 15), ‘Ye tweeted that he will have 100 Grammys before he passes. With 21 Grammy Awards under his belt already (and 57 lost), he is already one fifth of the way there. But considering that Georg Solti holds the most with 31 — it may prove to be hard to accomplish for the 38-year-old rhymer and producer. But nothing is impossible, right?

Also, it’s noteworthy to mention that in the same tweet, it read that he didn’t get nominated for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy or Watch the Throne when both did get a Grammy nod. The former of which won Best Rap Album in 2012.

 Asking Mark Zuckerberg For $1 Billion

Earlier on Monday (Feb. 15), Kanye asked Mark Zuckerberg for help since the Facebook creator is a fan of the Chicago rhymer. He also threw a shout out to Larry Page, co-founder of Google. While Kanye may have a point here, $1 billion is a pretty steep price to ask to fund his various, elusive “ideas.” But things went south as he tweeted “you’d rather open up one school in Africa like you really helped the country…” Aside from the fact that Africa is not a country, this is really peak Kanye. It seems ‘Ye also forgot that it’s all about the kids.

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