People with Interesting Hobbies

Hobbies are those activities that we do during our spare time. At time they really become interesting to the point they become our greatest business idea. Well if you thought yours was interesting, there are many others in the club.

Kurt Uhlir, Founder of Sideqik

“I am a certified alligator handler and survivalist. As a former stuntman, sometimes I need to get out of the office to recharge. You’ll often find me out on a trail for a good long hike, off the grid or helping with unexpected situations that many shy away from.”

Rickard Hansson, CEO and founder of Incentive

“I’m not sure if craft beer counts as a hobby, but I was determined to make it mine. That’s why I got involved with a couple guys on a craft brewery in my native Sweden. Right now, we have an IPA, a Brown Ale, and an American Pale Ale.”

Nancy Lublin, Founder and CEO of Crisis Text Line

“I’m an avid Hello Kitty collector.”

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Now if you thought handling alligators was scary then you will have to be introduced to a hobby that will tickle your ribs. There are those who have a hobby of mooing. Yes they moo like a cow while others collect milk bottles.

We all know there are people superb at imitating animal calls but, believe it or not, there is such a thing as competitive mooing.  Shockingly, these contests tend to take place in rural locations noted for their dairy, like Wisconsin, and wherever British people keep cows.

Yes, this sounds absolutely ridiculous, but thankfully, we live in an era of the Internet, where there is nothing so ridiculous it cannot be filmed a

Paul Luke likes milk.  Not as in, “he enjoys a nice cold glass with lunch”, as in, “he’s kind of really into milk as a hobby.”  So much so that not only does the former milkman (and current dairy sales rep) have a milk bottle collection, he has over 10,000 milk bottles, and actually had to build a museum to keep all of them.  It’s worth explaining that for decades, milk bottles would have various kinds of advertisements and art designs on them, so it’s not just a strange hoarding thing.

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Now when it comes to getting a job, most people usually include their hobbies in the CV. Now here is where you need to be very careful because your hobby says a lot about you.

Your hobbies and interests may describe you as:

Team-player, sharing information, coordinating efforts with other members of a group, striving towards a common goal: team sports – e.g. football, basketball, handball, paintball, rafting.

Intelligence, strategic thinking, problem-solving skills, patience, curiosity, stamina: chess, puzzles, strategy board games, Go, cryptography, Sudoku, bridge.

Highly competitive, motivation, determination: running, cycling, climbing, hiking, jogging, motor sports, mountain biking.

Cross-cultural skills, diversity, keenness for culture, international awareness: travelling, foreign language learning, geographic quiz taking.

Technology-driven: programming, radio amateur, robotics.

fish hobby

Communication skills, interpersonal aptitudes, urge to communicate: acting, blogging, socializing

Handiness, dexterity, craft, patience: do-it-yourself, crocheting, embroidery, knitting, lace making, Lego building, origami, pottery, quilting, sculpting, sewing, beadwork, building doll houses.

Striving for perfection: calligraphy, archery, sand art, golfing, body building.

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